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Sisters of St. Benedict is one of the largest Benedictine communities of women in the United States. The Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana was founded in 1867 by four young Benedictine sisters who came to Ferdinand to teach the children of area settlers. Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana, are monastic women seeking God through the Benedictine tradition of community life, prayer, hospitality, and service to others. The Rule of St. Benedict survives today as a masterpiece of spiritual wisdom. The entire document is less than a hundred pages. In the Rule's prologue, Benedict said he intended to prescribe "nothing harsh, nothing burdensome" for his followers. His approach to seeking God was both sensible and humane. For Benedict, a spiritual pathway was not one to be littered with weird and unusual practices; rather, all that is needed is to be faithful to finding God in the ordinary circumstances of daily life. How to prepare oneself for this simple—but not necessarily easy—way of life is the substance of the Rule. For additional information on the Rule of St. Benedict please visit their website. The Monastery Immaculate Conception dates back to 1867 and is listed in the National Historic Register. The grounds include serene gardens, an outdoor Stations of the Cross, a labyrinth, and three shrines. Guided tours are offered Tuesday through Friday see their website for specific times.
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