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2310 East SR 364, , , 47598
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Sugar Ridge Fish & Wildlife Area is unique in that much of the land has been strip-mined. Sugar Ridge is made up of six separate areas, totaling approximately 8,100 acres. The strip-mined land now features about 100 pits and lakes. The land that has not been mined is mostly rough and rolling.

Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area provides approximately 145 acres in 24 major fishing pits. The 8,100 acres of Sugar Ridge provides upland game habitat, wooded reclaimed mine areas and stripper pits attract a wide variety of song birds, woodpeckers, hawks, and waterfowl.

In addition to state fish and wildlife laws, this property is governed by posted regulations affecting the public use of lands and facilities owned, leased or licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. PLEASE READ AND OBEY ALL SIGNS for Safety zones, refuges, waterfowl resting and other restricted areas are marked with appropriate signs.

Please visit the link below to the Indiana Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for additional information.
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